This is the time of year when sellers are faced with the challenge of counting inventory and cataloguing it. With the significant buyer demand for TCGs, we are confident that this is also a great time to consider what percentage of that latent reserve inventory you want to turn into liquidity. We have seen growth in inventory listings from sellers, and matching sales from buyers.

Folks are staying home, playing games, and rediscovering their treasures from years ago. We have seen some remarkable collections of cards pass through Store Your Products over the past 12 months, and know that many of those collections represent these stories: long-time customers selling off mementos of their youth, based on massive increases in the value of Pokémon products, for example. 

In-Store First, Then Store Your Products

As you look ahead toward early 2021, and prepare yourselves to review on-hand inventory, we recommend that you consider how you want to put your inventory to work for you in 2021.

For in-store sales, consider how many weeks of inventory depth you need to keep on-hand, in order to be able to serve customers between now and the next major TCG set releases. If you have enough coverage in your cases and cabinets, then any other inventory represents an opportunity to open up a new revenue stream beyond the confines of your store.

Once you have determined what non-working inventory you have available, that is a good time to review the TCGplayer pull sheet to see which products we would like to help you sell. The pull sheet can also help inform your buylist, as the quantity of each card we are looking for in Store Your Products correlates to its demand. This shared data is valuable to sellers in its own right, and when matched to your available inventory means that you have the knowledge of what you can sell quickly and for a solid price through Direct. Based on 2020 performances among SYP sellers, you could see sales of about 25% of the total market value of your products per month.

We wish you the best of luck in reviewing your available inventory, and hope that you find some forgotten treasures!