Listings with photos aren’t just for Magic: The Gathering. They’re available for every product line currently on the TCGplayer Marketplace, including Pokémon. When you add photos to your listings, customers can see exactly what you’re selling. This provides them with more confidence, especially when purchasing high-value products.

More than 50% of all listings with photos added to the TCGplayer Marketplace sell to buyers looking for unique and high-value products. Below are just a few of the high-value Pokémon listings with photos that recently sold on


Have these cards in your collection? Add them to your inventory today as listings with photos! Plus, with a $50 commission cap on each item you sell on, you can make an even better profit selling high-value items like these.

Visit our help center for step-by-step guidance on adding and editing your listings with photos. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or submit a request.