Having tons of orders coming in through a variety of sales channels is a great thing for your business, but it can be a struggle to keep everything organized. That’s why we provide helpful tools within the Orders tab in your Seller Portal that make it easy to keep your orders organized and streamline your workflow.

Find the Exact Order You Need

If you already know exactly the order you’re looking for, you can easily search by Customer Name/Email or Order Number. That way you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Organize by Channel

If you’re part of TCGplayer Pro, you may have customers placing orders through both the TCGplayer Marketplace and your TCGplayer Pro Online Store and even requesting in-store pickup. Filter your orders by Order Channel to segment these different sales avenues.

Streamline Your Workflow

In addition to filtering by channel, you can also filter your orders by:

  • Order Status (Processing, Ready to Ship, Shipped, Delivered, Canceled)
  • Pickup Status (Received, Pulling, Ready for Pickup, Picked Up, Canceled)
  • Order Type (Normal, Direct)
  • Shipping Type (Standard, Expedited, International)
  • Presale Status (All, Non-Presale, Presale)

Plus, you can use the Order Value field to pull up orders within a particular price range. That way you can filter out the orders that need tracking information or delivery confirmation.

Mass Update Your Order Status

Check the boxes next to the orders you’ve already fulfilled and click the Mark As Shipped button to mass mark those orders as shipped. For orders that have tracking info, you can easily import those tracking numbers en masse from a third-party shipping provider like Stamps.com or Endicia.

You can explore all these order management tools by visiting the Orders tab in your Seller Portal. If you have any feedback, feel free to share it with our team at sales@tcgplayer.com.