With so many exciting new sets like Zendikar Rising (MTG), Legendary Duelists: Rage of Ra (Yu-gi-oh!), Champion’s Path (Pokémon), and Silverdust Blaze (Cardfight!! Vanguard), coming out for the top selling product lines on TCGplayer, we expect that there will soon be a lot of sellers busting open sealed product to list singles. Darcy from Mind Sculpt Games is here to give some pointers on how to most efficiently open and handle sealed products so that you can list items faster, as well as how to make sure that those brand new cards are in the best possible condition when you add them to your inventory.

In this video, Darcy will go over:

  • Using sorting trays to quickly organize the cards by rarity
  • How to open packs in a way that reduces the amount of handling
  • Using sleeves to protect high value foils
  • How to arrange your workspace for maximum efficiency
  • Why you should be excited for Pokemon: Champion’s Path
  • And the importance of a good manicure 💅