This week we introduced more than 10,000 additional Pokémon cards with these new Pokémon Legacy sets in Direct and Store Your Products. The complete pull sheet list of cards that are eligible for selling is available in your Seller admin tool.

Download List 

While you get your cards ready for shipping, we want to remind you that we have eliminated the 5,000 card quantity guideline for all Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon shipments. Here are our new and updated shipping guidelines:

Shipment guidelines:

  • Sending inventory that matches our current Pull Sheet
  • Sorted (sort order provided on .csv)
  • Average card value of over $1.00
  • Requesting deeper runs of individual cards "SKU density" (i.e.: 5+ copies of a card vs. 1 offs)

If you need a few more reasons to join Store Your Products, we’re happy to share these top five.