To grow our support for your local game stores, we’re massively expanding the teams that help you. Sixteen of the job openings we’ve posted are fully dedicated to helping your business thrive and grow. Additionally, two of the roles are new executive positions at TCGplayer that will have a huge impact on what we can build and provide local game stores:

Because this growing team is here for you, we want the most talented people possible and we are committed to recruiting from across the U.S. To ensure we get noticed on a national level, we recently unveiled the plans for our new headquarters, which is truly magical. The design features a life-size dragon (!!!) and themed rooms based on some of our favorite fandoms.

We’re thrilled to show you a sneak peak of our new headquarters, which is already getting attention in the media. This space is the key to attracting talented people who are passionate about serving your businesses. Since unveiling our designs, applications have been pouring in as more and more people get excited about working on these great initiatives at TCGplayer. We can’t wait to continue adding team members so we can keep building the tools to your businesses grow.



Chedy Hampson