Your in-store customers are a great source for TCG singles, and buying from players helps to grow your local gaming community. To help you connect with players who want to sell, we designed TCGplayer Showcase to integrate with your Magic: The Gathering buylist. That way, your in-store customers can easily browse your buylist and search for cards in their collection.

This summer, we’re increasing your store’s reach even further by expanding your Showcase’s buylist to other games, including Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon. Just as with Magic, you’ll be able to set prices, quantities and conditions through your Seller Portal to display automatically on your self-service kiosks. Note that this change will only affect Showcase; the TCGplayer Buylist program will not be affected.

This and future updates are part of our plan to support every aspect of your business with TCGplayer Pro. To learn more about how Showcase can engage your local players and power up your in-store sales, visit our Help Center or reach out to us at