On January 22nd, Bushiroad will release Special Series 06 “Valiant Sanctuary”! This is a special product that will feature not only cards such as the glorious and magnificent “Sanctuary guard Dragon,” it will also include other cool items ranging from storage boxes to sleeves too!

This product will contain the following:
1 Short Storage Box
1 Deck Holder
1 Pack of Dice (3 pieces)
1 Pack of Sleeves (70 pieces)
5 types of new cards (Total 14 pieces)
1 full art frameless “Laurel Knight, Sicilus” (bonus PR card)

In the meantime, check out the featured units below!

Sanctuary Guard Dragon

Sanctuary Guard Dragon
The holy dragon arrives, scattering evil with its divine blade!

On top of gaining an additional critical, it can Stand itself for an additional attack while granting all front row units +10000 Power! With the help of support units, put focus on filling the back row with grade 1 units, while dishing out strong waves of attacks together with the strengthened front row units!

Knight of Conquest, Wigstan
Wigstan is vital in securing grade 1 units for the cost for "Sanctuary Guard Dragon's" ability! Wigstan also makes up for the lack of a boosting unit by powering up for each grade 1 back row rear-guards!

Knight of Conquest, Wigstan

Authoritative Knight, Ballizal
Missing some key cards? Not to fret! Ballizal helps smoothen out your ride up to grade 3 when you ride it! Additionally, it buffs up your Sanctuary Guard Dragon with a whopping +10000 Power and even lets you Counter Charge to ensure you can use Sanctuary Guard’ Dragon’s game-ending ability!