From the publishers of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game comes an all-new game based on a beloved anime franchise. The Naruto Boruto Card Game by Bandai is now available to list on

Legendary Ninjas

Naruto has thrilled fans around the world for nearly twenty years, and now players can relive all their favorite moments from Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The initial release of the game includes two sets, both with a pair of ready-to-play decks so players can jump right into the action. Featuring shinobi from across the Naruto canon, including Team 7, Akatsuki and Team Konohamaru, the game promises to excite Naruto devotees old and new.

Dynamic Duels

The Naruto Boruto Card Game is the first game to use the innovative Chrono Clash System by designer Ryan Miller. Miller built his reputation as a designer for Magic: The Gathering and lead designer for Duel Masters, and he’s brilliantly combined resources and turn structure into a unified system. Playing cards moves the turn counter toward your opponent, according to the cost of the card. Once the counter stops on your opponent’s side, it’s their turn! This lets players use their most powerful cards immediately, at the cost of giving their opponent more opportunities to respond.

The Chrono Clash System simulates the tempo of battle and offers Bandai the opportunity to expand to other pop culture franchises. Seize the initiative with this new game system by listing the Naruto Boruto Card Game today.

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