MassPrice not only lets you update your prices at instant-speed, it also gives you full control. That’s because MassPrice lets you tailor your rules with minimum prices, so you always maximize your profits on the Marketplace.

Our latest update to MassPrice gives you even more control over minimum pricing by letting you flexibly adjust the starting price points. That means you can fine-tune your prices exactly as you like—and still update them with the push of a button.

Your Rules, Your Way

The new “Modify By” feature for minimum pricing works just like it does for defining prices. Simply pick a data point to start from, and adjust up or down by either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage. Your prices will stay at or above the minimum you set when you run your rule. You can learn more about defining minimum pricing by reading Define Pricing and Minimum.

Define Your Minimum


Start Pricing with MassPrice

If you aren’t using MassPrice yet, now’s the perfect time to start! You can watch our Pro setup video for MassPrice to learn everything you need to start writing rules and updating your prices.

We love building tools to give you more control over your business. If you have any questions or suggestions for Pro features you’d like to see, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email

You can also give us your feedback in person by registering for our Seller Gathering at the 2019 GAMA Trade Show in Reno!