TCGplayer Pro users have a special feature available upon request called a Pro Site. This is a personalized website that you operate alongside your TCGplayer Marketplace store. This site allows you to stay in touch with your local customers, is usable as an in-store kiosk, and helps develop your online brand.

A Pro Site can be used as a kiosk for your in-store customers. The kiosk will give your customers the ability to browse through your TCGplayer inventory and place orders without having to have an account with us. It will also make suggestions on additional cards to purchase based on the buying habits of all buyers on the TCGplayer marketplace. Your kiosk can be utilized as a customer-facing tool, or an employee facing tool. Have it out on the floor for customers to use and build orders without employee assistance, or have it behind the counter for quick and easy inventory lookup.

A Pro Site allows you to stay in touch with your local customers when they are not in your store. They can browse your online inventory, look at upcoming events, and navigate through your content pages. By allowing them to shop from home and pick their order up in-store, you are able to reach a wider array of customers, not just your regulars. This isn’t just a perk for your customers; when they place an in-store pick-up, pay later order, you are charged no fees by TCGplayer for the transaction.

Your Pro Site can help further develop your brand by acting as a centralized location for all of your customers. You can create content pages for past or upcoming events/tournaments, or have spaces for authors to write about upcoming sets, cards, or products. By customizing the pages with your logo, color scheme, and style, people visiting your site will feel like they are visiting your store, not just another website.

Maximizing and setting up your site can be a challenge. Our Customer Success team can work with you to help maximize and build your site. You can schedule time with one of our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) based on your availability. They will work with you on a Growth Plan so you can reach your desired outcome for the site.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with a CSM, please select a time from this calendar.