Card values change all the time, and updating your prices can be a hassle—so we built MassPrice to make it easier. Available exclusively for TCGplayer Pro, MassPrice lets you quickly mass update your in-store and online prices. You write the rules that work best for your business, then run those rules whenever you want to instantly adjust your prices.

Flexible Price Updates

You have complete control over which prices you update. You can reset the price of everything in your store for a sale or quickly tweak the price of a chase rare as it climbs in value. Feel free to get creative! If you want a quick goal, try writing a rule to set all your Magic mythics to 35% above TCGplayer Low.

Getting Started with MassPrice

1. Select which products you want to update. 

2. Define your pricing rules.

3. Run your rules to mass price your products.

Try writing a rule and previewing the changes it would make to see how MassPrice can empower your business. Your prices won’t change until you decide to run the rule, so feel free to explore! If you like the changes you see, click “Update Prices.”

Already use MassPrice? Let us know your store’s favorite rules for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog post. Your tips will help local game stores across the country thrive.

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