By design, TCGplayer Pro tools work in harmony to multiply the time you save while running your business. Today we’re connecting two existing tools to unlock even more power for your store. You can now use MassPrice to update prices on TCGplayer Buylist, so you can easily adjust all the prices you offer to players for their unwanted cards. That way you always get the best deal when restocking card singles.

Your Buylist Pricing Expert

Changing your Buylist prices with MassPrice is just as easy as using it to update your sales prices. Simply define your rules and run them whenever you like. MassPrice lets you tailor your rules to your business and preview any changes before they go into effect, so you’re always in control. Plus, we’ve added two new data points you can use to enhance your rules:

TCG Buylist Market Price - The prices at which a card has been sold on Buylist, averaged across multiple recent transactions

TCG Buylist High - The highest price currently offered on Buylist

Buylist in Your Store

We’ve also integrated Buylist with another Pro feature: TCGplayer Showcase, your digital in-store kiosk. As we unveiled at GAMA 2019, you can now display your Buylist on Showcase so customers can search for cards they own and plan return visits to your store. Integrating your Buylist is as simple as checking a box—and once integrated, Showcase will reflect every Buylist price update you make with MassPrice.

With these new opportunities, there’s never been a better time to source singles from Buylist. Update your list today and harness the Marketplace to build your inventory.


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