Managing a hobby game store means you’re always busy. That’s why we constantly update our TCGplayer Pro tools so they’re faster to use, and you have more time to do what you love. Here’s how today’s updates save you time.

Run MassPrice Rules at a Sprint

You already know MassPrice lets you update all your prices at once. Now you have the option to accelerate your price updates by skipping the preview step when you write or update a rule. This means if you’re a MassPrice champion, you can jump in and run new rules as soon as they’re done.

Your Kiosk in High Gear

We’ve added options to your in-store kiosk so customers have more control as they search and shop. Customers can continue to search broadly using the All Categories option or narrow their search to specific sets using the dropdown menus below the search bar. Customers can select multiple sets at a time when searching and type in the names of the set/category instead of scrolling through the dropdown lists. In the checkout menu, new kiosk users can click Clear Cart to start fresh or Continue Shopping to add products they might have missed.

We love hearing how we can improve your business. If you have any questions or suggestions for future updates to TCGplayer Pro tools, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email

You can also give us your feedback in person by registering for our Seller Gathering at the 2019 GAMA Trade Show in Reno! Plus, if you’re in the Georgia area, we’re hosting a Lunch & Learn in Atlanta on Tuesday, January 29th to help stores learn more about TCGplayer Pro and the new in-store kiosk.