Starting on January 31st, you’ll be able to add your own photos to your listings on the TCGplayer Marketplace. Now you’ll be able to sell your high-value and one-of-a-kind products on

Sell High-Value Items

By adding high-resolution photos to your listings, customers will see exactly what they’re getting so they have more confidence buying your products. You can add up to 5 photos, which lets you show things like box corners and zoomed in detail shots. This makes it easier to sell high-value items and graded cards.

List Unique Versions

Listings with photos empower you to sell one-of-a-kind items like signed cards, miscuts, misprints, card alters—even entire playsets! There’s also a custom title field where you can add keywords to help showcase what makes your item unique like the name of the artist who altered it or signed it.

No Commission for the First Two Weeks

From 1/31 through 2/13, all listings with photos valued at $100 or more will be commission-free. We’ll credit your account for the total commission fees accumulated during this promotional period.

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$50 Commission Cap After That

With a $50 commission cap on each item sold on the Marketplace, selling your most expensive collectibles on TCGplayer will help you make even more every time you ship an order. If you sell a Black Lotus for $3,000, you’ll only pay a $50 commission. If you sell two Black Lotus cards, you’ll pay a $100 commission, which is a savings of hundreds of dollars. (Please note that payment processing fees still apply.)

Have Questions?

Check out our FAQ for answers to some of the questions we’ve already received. Plus, make sure to visit our Help Center to learn how to add and edit listings with photos when this feature launches next week. If you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to our dedicated customer service team at