Great news for your local Magic: The Gathering community—KMC USA just released Hyper Matte sleeves in 100-count packs! These are the same highly coveted sleeves that Tolarian Community College reviewed, just in the perfect size for Commander decks and featuring rebranded packaging in a red, white and blue design.

Stock Up for MTG Commander Players in Your Community

If you host Commander events in your store, you’re definitely going to want to stock up on these sleeves. KMC polled the Magic community and discovered that they want 100-count sleeve packs for Commander decks. They’re only available through KMC USA and distribution is limited to North America. KMC USA is also offering a retailer guarantee program.

Order Sleeves for Your Store

Add 100-Count Sleeve Packs to and Your Pro Storefront

In addition to keeping your brick and mortar game store stocked, you can sell KMC 100-count hyper matte sleeves on the TCGplayer Marketplace. Plus, if you’re a TCGplayer Pro seller, you can add these handy Commander sleeves to your Storefront, making it easy to cater to both your local customers and those across North America.

Add Commander Sleeves to Inventory

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