Streamline your in-store shopping experience with a kiosk that displays your entire inventory. Free for all TCGplayer Pro sellers, this new tool will help your customers find the products they want and place orders in your store.

Power Up Your Inventory

Show customers all the products you have for sale—not just the ones in your case—by setting up kiosk stations using any desktop browser. All your in-store orders will appear in your TCGplayer Seller Portal alongside your online orders for convenient order management. 

Power Up Your Employees

Instantly transform your team into experts on product lines, price data and managing your store. Rather than digging through boxes in your stockroom, your employees can quickly look up availability and prices for every product you have for sale. Plus, you can generate kiosk accounts for all your store employees so they can all log in at the same time and help customers efficiently.

Power Up Your Customers

Kiosk self-service stations allow your customers to search your entire inventory to find what they want, add it to their cart and submit an order in minutes. Instead of waiting to flip through a single card binder, all your customers can search your inventory simultaneously. Customers will even see recommended products based on data from millions of shoppers to help them build decks from a store’s available inventory.

Power Up Your Sales

With all your inventory in front of your customers and a team full of instant experts who can help your customers more efficiently, you can create a better in-store experience to drive more sales. Over 50 store owners have already started using our in-store kiosk to grow their sales and have already provided rave reviews.

“Our kiosk helps us get an idea of what type of player customers are or what type of deck they’re building,” said Anastasia Barker from Professor Bond’s Emporium. “They find one card and they have to build around it so now they’re looking through all your cards.”

If you’re a hobby gaming retailer in TCGplayer Pro, you can set up your in-store kiosks today!


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