KeyForge products are now available to list in-store and on Produced by Fantasy Flight Games and designed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, KeyForge invites players to rethink everything they know about trading card games. List Archon decks and other products to celebrate the release of the Age of Ascension set.

Unique Gameplay

KeyForge burst onto the gaming scene late last year as the world’s first Unique Deck Game. Unlike a traditional TCG, players open randomly generated pre-built decks featuring unique card backs so cards cannot be exchanged between decks.

This novel premise gives every deck a special personality. To succeed, players must adjust their tactics to match the deck they’re playing, rather than the other way around. As a result, games of KeyForge are full of thrilling moments of discovery as you unlock secret interactions in your deck—hopefully before your opponent does!

Ascending to Greatness

The launch of KeyForge with Call of the Archons last November was a massive success. Many game stores sold out of decks, restocked and sold out again. Fantasy Flight Games has capitalized on this success in the past few months by introducing robust tournament support, including the Keyforge Vault Tour, a series of major tournaments held at conventions across the world.

Add Opened Decks to TCGplayer as Listings with Photos

Because every KeyForge deck is one-of-a-kind, you’ll want to add any opened decks you’re selling as Listings with Photos. This allows you to create a customizable product page on the TCGplayer Marketplace for each listing featuring up to five photos, along with a custom title and description. Listings with Photos are more likely to sell on the marketplace, making them a great way to sell unique items.

You can add Listings with Photos using both the Inventory and Pricing tabs in your Seller Portal. Make sure you follow these tips for Listings with Photos. We also recommend that you make the main photo a picture of the identity card showing the full decklist with the QR code obscured. You should also list all the cards in the decklist in your custom description. That way players can easily see which cards are in the deck you’re offering.

Players are eager for Age of Ascension to once again open a new frontier for them to explore. Help your players earn glory in the Crucible by listing KeyForge products today.

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