As Hurricane Irma approaches the East Coast, we want to assure all our sellers that we’re standing by and ready to help.


Ship as Usual

Irma will impact logistics and shipping operations in the Southeast region, causing delays or issues with order shipments for many of you. Our team will ensure you’re protected from negative feedback and help smooth out any issues caused by potential shipping delays and communications downtime.


Keep Communications Open

If you’re in one of the impacted areas, please let our team know. Looping us in early on delays or negative feedback will help us more effectively resolve any issues you may have. We can also help reach out to your customers if you need to close your store or evacuate.


Safety First

We want you to stay safe and sound first and foremost. We can always help smooth out eCommerce details later.

If you need to turn your store off temporarily, simply log into your seller account and change your inventory status from Live to Hidden. For more information, read this help file.

If you need additional assistance or have a question for our team, please contact us at