With the biggest and busiest retail days of the year almost here, it’s more important than ever to make sure your inventory is accessible to your customers. Today’s Showcase updates introduce browse capabilities, letting your customers see all you have to offer in-store with all the flexibility of an online catalog.


Help Customers Explore Your Inventory Our Product Lines


No need for customers to know exactly what they need when they step up to your kiosk. With browse capability, they can see your entire digital inventory, giving them the freedom to explore their options, find new products they love and stumble across the perfect cards to complete their decks.


Title: Offer Data-Driven Browsing Screenshot of the Best Selling cards category on kiosk


Tap into TCGplayer’s extensive collectible data to power your inventory and bring your customers market-driven browse options that match what you have available in-store. Customers can browse products by best-sellers and new releases to get the latest data any time, including release days and after a game-changing announcement.


Title: Digitize Inventory to Power Up Your Kiosk


Showcase is as powerful as your digital inventory, so bring your kiosk’s new browsing capability to all your products in the TCGplayer catalog! The more products you digitize, the more Showcase can access and display for customers to explore. Start digitizing now using our Quicklist card scanning software to get the most out of your kiosk and let your customers see how much you have to offer.

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