We’re happy to announce the launch of Kiosk 2021 and Storefront 2021, both of which are a part of our Retail Solutions. After listening to your feedback, our teams joined together to make improvements to our tools to make them more user-oriented and valuable. 

Our new and improved Kiosk is significantly faster than its predecessor with all of the functionality of the former version that you came to know and love. From our initial testing, we’re seeing Kiosk 2021 function more than 85% faster on average, with search performance improving by nearly 90%. We’re also working on a suite of new features to make it even more useful for you and your customers. With the new filtering capabilities, you will soon have the option of filtering and sorting by Set/Number, Color, Rarity, Price, Power, and Toughness. Additionally, Kiosk 2021 will be more customizable, with the ability to add your own custom promotions to the landing page.

Our improvements to Storefront 2021 also dramatically improve the speed of Search results and page renders, with performance gains similar to Kiosk. You’ll soon see advanced search and filtering here as well, greatly improving experiences for both your customers and your staff. 

You can access Kiosk 2021 here