Here at TCGplayer, our number one goal is to gather the world’s collectible gaming information and make it accessible and useful. That is why we are proud to announce upgrades to our search platform, going live in the near future. These enhancements will help us build toward that goal; benefiting customers and stores alike!

Benefits to Your Store

We are adding the ability to sort search results by the revenue those products drive to your store. Instead of showing low value and low margin cards that sell frequently, we are going to favor showing high-value cards that both sell and drive revenue.


You will be able to use these results to analyze real-time trends on the hottest product lines, sets, or product types; whether that be sealed or singles. Using our new search will confidently let you know what products to buy, display on your shelves, and sell to maximize profit margins.



We have also improved the experience of our customers by making it easier to find the products you are looking for. Typing “Pokemon Booster Box” or “Beta Island” into the search bar will now return products relevant to those searches instead of sending users to a page with no results. This improved experience will both increase the number of orders you receive and the value of those orders.

We are excited to work on these features, based on feedback from you, that continue to improve the experience of all users on the TCGplayer Marketplace.  Stay tuned for more to come throughout 2020!

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