On October 24, 2022 comic books will be available for purchase on the TCGplayer Marketplace! To get ready for launch, you can begin uploading your single issue comics and trade paperbacks from the Marvel and DC Universe on October 3, 2022. Plus, if you list your comic book inventory by October 14, 2022, you can get up to 4% back on comic book commission fees for the rest of the year! 

Listing your comic books on the TCGplayer Marketplace is as easy as uploading a single CSV with inventory quantities and prices. As a Level 4 Seller, you can import and export data within the Pricing Tab of your Seller Portal for quick mass updates. For more information on uploading inventory with a CSV, please reference our help file. You can also use the Inventory Tab to search the TCGplayer catalog for items you'd like to list and individually add them. 

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get started here listing your comic book inventory. 

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Here is a free CSV Inventory Upload Example Template to help you prepare your comic book inventory for October 3, 2022. Please note, this example template does not include the entire comic books catalog that will be available at launch.

Let’s dive into what each header on the CSV means and how to fill it out. Note, an asterisk (*) indicates the column is required. 

  1. TCGplayer ID* 
    The TCGplayer ID is the unique identifier for each product in our catalog. The identification number will already be filled in on the CSV Inventory Upload Template for the corresponding products. 

  2. Product Line*
    The publisher of the comic (Marvel or DC). 

  3. Set Name* 
    The series of the comic. A series consists of single issue comics consecutively numbered under the same title.

  4. Product Name*
    Name of the comic. Variant specifications will be included within the Product Name.

  5. Title
    Custom title of your Listing with Photo. This column is only needed if the product is a Listing with Photo.

  6. Number
    Issue number of the comic. 

  7. Rarity
    You don’t need to fill this out, as it’s not applicable to comics. 

  8. Condition*
    List the condition of your product. Note, we will provide the comics conditioning guide prior to launch. 

  9. TCG Market Price
    TCGplayer Market Price shows you the value of a product based upon actual recent sales, drawing from thousands of transactions each day across thousands of individual sellers on our platform. We take the prices at which a product has been selling, averaged across multiple recent transactions, and use that information to show you the most reliable market value of that product. Learn more about TCGplayer Market Price.

  10. TCG Direct Low
    The lowest TCGplayer Direct price for that listing. You don’t need to fill this out, as it’s not applicable to comics at this time. 

  11. TCG Low Price With Shipping
    The Low Price, including the shipping cost, for that specific product/set/condition.

  12. TCG Low Price
    The Low Price for that specific product/set/condition (should a price not exist, it will be set to N/A).

  13. Total Quantity*
    Your current inventory quantity for the product.

  14. Add to Quantity
    The quantity of the card you would like to add or remove from your inventory on the TCGplayer Marketplace. (Note: You can add or subtract quantities from your existing inventory. To increase your inventory, enter an integer of 1 or higher. To reduce your inventory quantity, enter a negative integer.)

  15. TCG Marketplace Price*
    The actual price you’re listing the product for on the TCGplayer Marketplace. This field is required. This must be 0.01 or greater. Your TCGplayer Marketplace listing will change to this value. Note: This does not include any shipping/handling values.

  16. My Store Reserve Quantity (Pro Seller by TCGplayer Exclusive)
    Pro Seller by TCGplayer exclusive, only available when My Store Channel enabled. The number of products that will be reserved for sale only through your TCGplayer Pro Website. This enables you to set aside products for your customers at your physical location so you always have stock on hand to meet your local customers' needs. Reserved products will not be listed for sale on the TCGplayer Marketplace. A My Store Price is required if you want to have a My Store Reserve Quantity.

  17. My Store Price (Pro Seller by TCGplayer Exclusive)
    Pro Seller by TCGplayer exclusive, only available when My Store Channel enabled. The actual price you have set for that specific product/set/condition on your Pro Website.

  18. Photo URL
    You don’t need to fill this out. When you export the CSV, this column will contain any URLs to your product photos for your Listings with Photos.

If you would like assistance listing comic books or growing as a TCGplayer seller, please schedule time with a Customer Success Manager (CSM). For more information, check out our FAQ.