TCGplayer is filled with sellers of all capacities, from those who just want to move a few cards from their collections, to hobbyists, to brick and mortar stores around the country. If you’re reading this, you presumably have an interest in selling more than a few cards, and progressing through the seller levels will help you do that. Once you reach Level 4, the adventure truly begins.

So, let's get the big question out of the way: What does being a Level 4 seller mean? First and foremost, it unlocks your account so you are no longer limited to a specified number of listings or to a value of your listings. This in itself will make it so you never have to worry about having the space on your account to list an item. Another perk of Level 4 is it qualifies you to be a TCGplayer Pro seller, and it is also the first requirement needed to participate in TCGPlayer Direct.

Now that we’ve touched on why reaching Level 4 is beneficial, let’s look at how we can make it happen, step by step.

Level 1 → Level 2

You can list up to 100 items, with a total value of $1,000 dollars. To move to Level 2, you need to have two orders reach their destination by their estimated delivery date (EDD), and maintain an 80% positive feedback ratio. How do we make this happen quickly? 

  • Since you’re limited on what you can list right now, focus on listing items you know will sell quickly. Has a new set come out recently? Do you have staples for the game you’re selling? Get those cards listed first, and make those sales.
  • Review the TCGplayer Card Condition Guide, and ensure that you’re listing your products at the correct condition. This will help keep your feedback rating high.

Level 2 → Level 3

You can list up to 500 items, with a total value of $5,000, with a single product limit of $1,000. To move on to Level 3, you need to have 11 orders reach their destination by their EDD, while having an 85% or better positive feedback ratio.

  • You’ve seen how everything works on TCGplayer now, so it’s time to start optimizing your workflow. As you can list more products, you’re going to want to make sure everything is organized. Starting this organization while you’re still growing will make maintaining it easier as you grow.
  • Set up a workstation for packing your orders. This will make getting them out the door a more streamlined process, making sure your orders get there by the EDD. 


Level 3 →  Level 4

You can list up to 50,000 items, for a total value of $100,000, with a single item listing of $20,000. To get to level 4 you need to have 51 orders reach their destination by their EDD, and have a 90% or better positive feedback ratio.

  • As you start shipping out more orders, you may notice patterns develop in the messages you receive from customers. Build out templated responses to common issues (missing packages and condition issues, for example) so you can provide consistent and high quality customer service.
  • Structure your workflow. Have times of the day for pulling orders, packing orders, and answering customer questions. As you continue to grow on the platform, having this structure will assist you in managing an increased  number of orders.

You can be a level 4 seller in no time! Once you have reached Level 4, learn more about Pro Seller by TCGplayer to take the next step. If you have any questions about Pro or our other programs, and whether or not they are a good fit for you, schedule a meeting with a Customer Success Manager here.