When it comes to selling trading card games and collectibles online, it’s crucial to stand out to potential buyers. That’s why we’ve invested in marketing that makes it easy for buyers to see your listings when they search Google.

Your Listings with Photos at the Top of Google Searches

Millions of buyers use Google each day to find products. Now, listings on the TCGplayer Marketplace will be easy to find through Google Shopping. This means that a buyer looking for a specific high-value card will easily find your listing with photos at the top of their Google search results page. Google will also encourage these buyers to visit your listing with more ads on their search engine, Gmail and YouTube.

How to Take Advantage of This Free Advertising

Google’s search algorithm will automatically match up buyers with specific products they might be interested in purchasing. To increase your visibility in Google Shopping, we recommend the following:

1. List with Photos - Not only are listings with photos 4x more likely to sell than standard listings—Google prioritizes photos when deciding whether to promote your product on search results. Add photos and you’ll boost your search ranking to increase the likelihood that customers using Google will see your listing first.

2. Create a Strong Title - You can capture customer interest with a highly descriptive title for your product. For example, “BEST QUALITY, AWESOME CARD” doesn’t say much, while mentioning the exact grade, an artist signature or any other specific details will make it easy for customers to see if your product is what they want.

3. Write an Exciting Description - Include keywords that Google can use to understand your listing so the right people find it. For example, if you’re selling an alter of Chandra Torch of Defiance, include information about the artist who altered it, what the artwork conveys and any other unique aspects of the card.

Adding your products to Google Merchant Center is just one of the ways we power up your online sales. We also provide Buyer Kickbacks, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and other marketing to boost the number of buyers who shop your listings. You can use our tools to grow your business by listing on TCGplayer.com. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to our team at sales@tcgplayer.com.


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