More so than ever, every sale and sales channel matters.  With a TCGplayer Pro Website you can easily set up an exclusive sales channel for your customers to purchase your existing TCGplayer Marketplace inventory.


The Value of a Pro Website

Keep your customers invested
Your brick and mortar store is more than just a business, it’s a community. Even when your customers are not able to be in your store, they’re still your customers and they want to shop from you and support you. Additionally, you can easily link your social media accounts and create pages to deliver content directly to your customers.

High return on effort
You’ve spent a lot of time adding inventory to the TCGplayer Marketplace. You can double the value of that work in 20 minutes by setting up your Pro Website. Now your customers will have direct access to your marketplace product without the distractions of other Sellers’ inventory.

Lower fees
Your Pro website represents your highest margin sales. Orders placed through your Pro website have no marketplace commission fee attached. Shipped orders carry only the TCGplayer Pro fee and payment processing fee (5% + $0.30 total) and pick up orders are only charged a payment processing fee if your customer pays through our site (2.5% + $0.30). If your customer pays when picking up, there are no fees on the order at all!


We have a three step process for fully activating your online sales channels

1. Turn on your website.
If you do not already have a Pro website set up just follow this guide which will take you step-by-step through the process of activating your Pro Website.

2. Set your fulfillment levels. 
Depending on the current situation in your area, you may not be able to operate under normal circumstances. Orders shipped through your Pro Website use the same shipping settings that you’ve set up for TCGplayer Marketplace order. If you need assistance reviewing or adjusting your shipping settings, check out this help file. Additionally, you can also opt to offer a free shipping option through your website for orders above a chosen order value.

If you would like to offer curbside pickup, then simple
enable your in store pickup options. When you enable pickup orders, you can choose whether to accept payment through TCGplayer, or allow payment at pickup. If you’d like, you can offer both options. If you have further instructions for how to pick up a curbside order, you can make a custom page explaining the process.

Once you are able to support in-store customers again,
it’s easy to set up an in store kiosk to give you customers full visibility to your inventory. This will allow your staff to focus on the customer who need more personalized service while your more independent customers create their own orders for you.

3. Advertise your channel
Now that your customers can shop from you directly, let them know where to go!  As part of the set up process, you will have been given a web address that your customers can access your site from. Share this address out on your store’s facebook page and other social media channels.

If you have an existing website already, you can easily add links between the sites.  If you don’t already have a website, it’s easy to add additional pages to your Pro Website to advertise and sell your other products.

If you have any questions about how your TCGplayer Pro website can best support your store, please reach out to prosupport@tcgplayer so that one of our Customer Success Managers can help.

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