Today, during Gen Con 50, we shared our vision for the future of hobby retail and announced new features, including custom user roles for employees and our expansion into board games, RPGs and miniatures—with Games Workshop products launching today!

Introducing Custom User Roles for Employees

As your business grows, you’ll need more employees to process, ship and price your inventory. This week, we’re launching the ability to set up and assign custom user roles for each of your employees, so you can give different people access to different tabs in your TCGplayer Seller Portal. In September, we’re also adding the ability to track actions, so you can review employees and provide valuable feedback. This will make it easier than ever to track, train and empower your team.

In-Store Kiosk

Our teams have started working on transforming our new desktop experience for TCGplayer Trade-In into a kiosk that both your employees and your customers can use to quickly and easily complete transactions. This project is still in the initial stages of development, but we’re incredibly excited to show you this teaser of what our teams are working on.

The Future of the TCGplayer App - Location Alerts and Notifications

We recently launched version 2.0 of the TCGplayer App, which connects to both the Marketplace and TCGplayer Trade-In (our new name for Buylist) to get you more sales and opportunities to restock your Magic inventory.

The future TCGplayer App will help you engage new customers like never before with location awareness that will help players discover your store and push notifications that will let customers know when you’re holding a sale or when their friends are attending events in your store.

Board Games, RPGs and Miniatures

We’re excited to be working with several publishers and brands, including IELLOPaizo and Games Workshop, to bring board games, RPGs and miniatures to TCGplayer Pro Stores. This will help you expand into these growing communities and drive new customers into your physical store.

And we’re starting today by making Games Workshop’s product catalog, including Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and Citadel paints, available to list in your Pro Store!


As always, we’re thrilled to help you harness the power of the internet to strengthen your physical retail location and connect with the community. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates for TCGplayer Pro.