Looking to add more gear to your inventory? We’ve added some of the most creative and practical gaming accessories on the market to our catalog! Products from Brooklyn-based GeekOn! are now available to list on TCGplayer, just in time for the busy season.

With a deep passion for their work and gaming hobbies, the GeekOn! team understands the importance of keeping board games, dice and other tabletop accessories safe and portable. They create each product in the GeekOn! catalog based on their personal experience as tabletop gamers. 

GeekOn!’s signature Ultimate Boardgame Backpack was their solution to the dilemma of transporting their games to and from game nights. Since the company launched with that product in 2018, the team has created even more high-quality gear that makes it easy to protect tabletop accessories while on the go. 

These protective cases and gaming accessories are the perfect complement to your customers’ hobbies, making them great candidates for gift lists as the holidays approach. We’ve added GeekOn! products to the Collectible Storage and Playmats product lines. Start listing today to give your customers the tools they need to keep sharing their favorite tabletop experiences. 

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