At the annual TCGplayer seller gathering during the GAMA trade show in Reno, Chedy Hampson, TCGplayer CEO, announced, “With over 20 Million M:tG cards shipped during the last year, we are excited to announce the expansion of our fulfillment offering to accelerate online sales for retailers starting with Pokemon this April followed by Yu-Gi-Oh! in June. Because TCGplayer Direct is the best way for buyers to shop online for M:tG cards, and a key reason we have reached over 1 Million unique Buyers since launch, we see an immense opportunity to grow online sales for Retailers within the next two largest product categories, Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh!”

That wasn’t the only announcement of the evening as Hampson along with VP of Sales Scott Elliott showed off a new offering for TCGplayer Direct that allows Retailers to ‘Store their Products’ at the TCGplayer Fulfillment Center in Syracuse NY. Hampson said that “Pulling, shipping and receiving larger shipments helps drive significant savings in labor and expenses for both Retailers and for TCGplayer. By testing this program since the end of 2019 with 20 of the country’s largest retailers we have proven that this is the path for Retailers to receive the highest possible sales volume online while also reducing their overall costs and speeding up their payment cycle. This is the culmination of 6 years of partnering with over 500 brick & mortar stores in the building of TCGplayer Direct and we couldn’t be happier”

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