Future Card Buddyfight English Edition’s newest Ultimate Booster is set to release on Sep 25th! Familiar attributes like Thunder Empire, Prism Dragon, Black Dragon and Neo Dragon are back with outstanding new upgrades and even new playstyles!



Thunder Flares Leader, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale

Batzz returns as the Thunder Flares Leader, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale! Call two Thunder Empire monsters from the top five cards of your deck! They’re treated as size 0 until they leave the field, meaning you can call stronger monsters to the field without worrying about card size!


Dark Burial Executer Dragon, Abygale

With the reveal of Gaito, it’s obvious that Abygale is not too far behind! With three Dark Burial Set Spells on the field, his attacks become immune to nullifies and can’t be reduced! On top of that, he can be called to the field from the drop zone at no cost at the start of your attack phase!

Dark Burial Executer Dragon, Abygale
Prism Crecer "Midfielder", Athora Arantes


Prism Crecer “Midfielder”, Athora Arantes

The Prism Crecer cards available in this set synergises well with each other in that their abilities complement each other seamlessly! Athora and the Prism Crecer Item, “Prism Crecer ‘Forward’, Diamond Spike” provides two draw when their re-standing card abilities are used!


“Buddy Police Agent” Golden Dragoner, Jackknife

Jackknife now can be used in either Hero World or Star Dragon World, and gains different benefits based on which world he’s in.

"Buddy Police Agent" Golden Dragoner, Jackknife


Thanks to cards like “Buddy Police Agent Twin Star Gun ‘Star & Brave,’” however, your flag can be treated as both Hero World and Star Dragon World, meaning having to choose abilities based on which world your deck is is no longer necessary!