With their durability and smooth shuffling, Dragon Shield sleeves provide premium trading card protection. On June 1st, Dragon Shield is releasing Non-Glare Matte Black ‘Amina’ Sleeves, the first in a new series of non-glare, 100-count sleeves. These non-glare sleeves are now available to list for presale on TCGplayer.com.

Camera Ready

Standard card sleeves have a reflective front surface that can make cards difficult to read—especially on camera. Black ‘Amina’ Sleeves minimize glare so the cards they protect are ready for the limelight, whether that means a YouTube video or a featured match at a tournament.

Competitive players and collectors are sure to prefer non-glare sleeves so their cards can pop and dazzle in every venue. Anticipating this demand, Dragon Shield is already planning to release more colors in the non-glare series for players to collect this fall.

Pitch Black Protection

Non-Glare Matte Black ‘Amina’ Sleeves feature the same top-tier quality you’ve come to expect from Dragon Shield. The perfectly black textured backs make for easy shuffling and handling, and the sturdy polypropylene is PVC-free and archival safe. One hundred sleeves come in a sturdy cardboard box that’s ideal for housing a sleeved deck of 75+ cards.

Dragon Shield has raised the bar for card sleeves yet again with this new product. List Non-Glare Matte Black Sleeves today so you’re ready for your players on June 1st.

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