Next month, we are working with our hosting partner to migrate to a new data facility that will allow us to leverage the latest networking and server architecture.

We are coordinating this server move because we are working on several major initiatives that we’ll be announcing at GAMA in March. In order for us to launch what we’re working on, we first need a more advanced network setup. Migrating our servers will allow us to power your business even more effectively.

When Is This Occurring?

On February 3rd from 12:00am EST to 8:00am EST, will be undergoing necessary, scheduled downtime for this migration. We are fully aware that this is during the Pro Tour Weekend, but to ensure sales are minimally impacted, we have coordinated this migration so that it happens overnight. This date, while not ideal, was the best day available that also gave us enough time before GAMA. Our team will be fully available and monitoring the transition to minimize the total downtime we experience during this process.

We’re excited to make this move, which allows us to maximize our efforts and announcements for GAMA. We greatly look forward to the improvements that this migration will enable, and we’ll do everything in our power to minimize the impact of this downtime on your business.

Our team is standing by and ready to help in any way we can. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at