TCGplayer invites you to embrace the magic! We’re proud to announce that we will be launching support for Disney’s Lorcana TCG.

Disney’s initial announcement that they were creating their own “family-friendly” collectible card game sparked a flame among card game enthusiasts and long-time Disney fans alike. The brand has partnered with the board game publisher Ravensburger to create a set of cards with a distinctive fairytale storybook art style. While players take on the roles of “Illumineers,” sorcerers that bring characters to life off of the page, collectors will be drawn towards the showcase of Disney’s history through its animated characters.

The first cards for Lorcana were available during the D23 convention this year and feature Cruella De Vil, Elsa, Captain Hook, Robin Hood, Stitch, Maleficent in her draconic form and Mickey Mouse himself, dressed as the Brave Little Tailor from the 1938 animation of the same name. All of the available promos have a unique foil treatment, along with the D23 Expo and 1st Edition stamps.

We will be officially launching full support for Lorcana on TCGplayer, including the available D23 Promos and the upcoming first booster set, Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter (coming Fall 2023). 

Lorcana TCG is open for sellers to list before the game goes live on the platform. Head here to start listing your products ahead of time!

For more information about Lorcana TCG, visit the official website

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