Hello Sellers,

Last Monday, TCGplayer Direct reopened with a limited number of sets as part of our phased reopening plan.

We are happy to announce that based on our performance over the past week, we are able to accelerate our previous timeline and return all Magic: the Gathering inventory to TCGplayer Direct this Wednesday. We have updated our checklist for relaunch with this new timeline here.

Starting on the morning of Wednesday June 17th, all Magic: the Gathering sets will be eligible for TCGplayer Direct.

We are still targeting the end of June for the re-engagement of our Buylist program. We will provide one week’s notice so you can prepare for Buylist’s reactivation. Our launch date for Pokemon in TCGplayer Direct is still Monday June 29th.

Thank you very much for your participation in the TCGplayer Direct program. We are very excited to return to full operation.