It’s ok to be out of sorts. Do you want to SYP but don’t feel like sorting your shipment of cards? Digitize Your Products (DYP) is a new  Direct by TCGplayer beta service, that - like Magic! -  turns your boxes of unsorted MTG cards into money. 

DYP is a service provided through Direct by TCGplayer in which our team of experts receives your unsorted collections, and prepares them for sale on your Store Your Products account. Our team sifts  the cards, determines which have value greater than a set price (currently $0.25 and up), and then adds them to your TCGplayer inventory to sell through your SYP account. You can then use MassPrice to set pricing on your inventory - our team keeps it moving as we fulfill and support all your incoming orders! You get paid and enjoy the positive feedback that quickly accumulates on your high-visibility, high-volume account.

Fees  - per card sifting and processing fees apply as follows:


$0.01 per card to sift through the collection, mining for cards valued at or above a threshold of your choice, with a minimum value of $0.25.  


$0.06 per card to process the cards valued at or above your sift threshold, for cards valued $0.25 - $1.99 

  • DISCOUNT: Cards valued $2 - $4.99 will be processed for $0.04 per card instead of $0.06 
  • DISCOUNT: Cards valued $5 and up will be processed for $0 per card instead of $0.06  

Leveraging DYP is a powerful catalyst to unlock a new, “hands off” aspect of your online business. When you choose to open a SYP account by sending in cards through the DYP program, you can keep that account stocked by sending in future sorted or unsorted shipments, or by accessing TCGplayer’s buylist. 

Buylist and SYP creates a true hands off, portfolio business operation. Generate income by simply driving prices and delegating the heavy lifting to TCGplayer.