With TCGplayer Pro growing your business, you’ll need more employees to update your pricing, ship your orders and maintain outstanding customer service. That’s why we created custom user roles, a new feature that makes it easy to give your employees access to different areas of your TCGplayer account. That way you can easily divide and conquer your workflow.

Maybe you want to grant a new employee pricing access to start, then additional tools as they learn more about your business. Maybe your customer service team needs to respond to messages, view orders and process payments.

No problem. Start by adding a new role, which you can name anything you want from a job title (like “Inventory Specialist”) to a specific employee’s name (like “Chandra Nalaar”). Then determine which tabs in your Seller Portal you want that role to access.

Once you’ve added the roles you want, you can add users to your account and assign them roles. The roles you assign each user aren’t set in stone. You can always change a user’s role later as they level up their skills or deactivate a user if they stop working at your store.

In September, we’re also adding the ability to track user actions, so you can review employees and provide valuable feedback. This will make it easier than ever to track, train and empower your team.

We’d love your feedback on this new feature. To give us your input or get answers to your questions, simply reach out to sales@tcgplayer.com. Not yet part of Pro? Visit our seller website to learn more and apply today.