Our team launched TCGplayer Pro one year ago to empower you in growing your brick and mortar stores. Since then we’ve added feature after feature, basing our roadmap directly on your feedback. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that starting now, you can independently control your in-store and online inventory with our new Channel Management tools. These tools, available exclusively for TCGplayer Pro sellers, ensure you can run your store your way.

Take Care of In-Store Customers First

You told us that your physical store is your priority and that you need to take care of your local customers first before putting anything online. With Channel Management, you can assign specific amounts of products for your local customers to keep them happy and coming back to your store.

Set Different Prices In-Store and Online

Your business extends across multiple channels: inside your store and outside your store. Customers in your store who need products immediately are willing to pay a different price than those purchasing online. You can now set one price within your physical store and a different price online to maximize sales and profits across both channels.

Assign Products by Sales Channel

Enjoy complete control over which products you sell in-store and which you sell through outside sales channels. For example, if there’s a product line you carry in your physical store that you don’t want to sell online, you can remove that category from your online channel and continue managing your in-store inventory using TCGplayer Pro tools. You can also use this feature to temporarily hide a specific product line while you’re pricing your products.

Set Up Your Channels Today

If you’re already a TCGplayer Pro seller, you can set up your channels right now. Go to your TCGplayer Pro Settings tab in your Seller Portal and click on “Channel Settings” to get started. Watch the Channel Management introduction video below to learn more about setting up your channels. For step-by-step guidance, download our quick start guide to get you or your team started today. 

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