On August 7th, Bushiroad will release Special Series 05 “Premium Collection 2020″. This product contains cards that are playable only in the premium format, and this time, we introduce several cool cards that you can use to build a nifty and strong deck that consists entirely of Cray Elementals!

Check out the featured cards below!

Storm Element, Cycloned

A key card of its own deck, Storm Element, Cycloned is the first-ever Cray Elemental G unit that requires a deck made of “vanilla” units (units without any card effects).

If a vanilla unit is revealed in your drive check, you get to restand one of your rear-guards for another swing! In addition, each Cycloned on the vanguard circle or face-up in the G zone buffs all vanilla units with +5000 power as well!

Thunder Elemental, Barigiran

Taking the charge of completing the Cycloned and vanilla combo, we have Thunder Elemental, Barigiran.

With its deck search ability, you get to gather vanilla units to your hand, and then you can stride Storm Element, Cycloned face up instead of face down. Use this ability wisely to bypass normal stride restrictions and quickly gain the upper hand!

Tempest Sphere

A fuss-free deck-searcher that gives you everything your vanilla deck needs to complete its combos.

Its ability not only searches for vanilla units to enable the ACT ability of Thunder Elemental, Barigiran, but flips Storm Element, Cycloned face up to provide an early boost for your attacks!

Cloud Elemental, Mowark

As long as Cloud Elemental, Mowark is on your field with sufficient resources, you will definitely get to superior ride Thunder Elemental, Barigiran and proceed to execute your combos.

Plus, if the above condition is fulfilled, Storm Element, Cycloned can be turned face up in the G zone too!