On August 7th, Bushiroad will release Special Series 03 “Festival Collection.” This new reprint set features reprints of Draw Trigger Sentinels for all 24 clans, 60 types of First Vanguards with updated abilities, as well as reissues for key cards for all 24 clans!

Check out the featured cards below!

Skull Witch, Nemain

A crucial card of the Shadow Paladin deck, this highly sought card has seen usage by top Shadow Paladin players in our tournaments until today.

Skull Witch, Nemain allows players to call any one Power 5000 card to any open RC, allowing players to populate the field quickly.

Stealth Rogue of Indignation, Meomaru

Previously released as part of the Infinideity Cradle Campaign Pack, Meomaru is back as an R reprint in this set.

Meomaru provides Power increases for all rear-guards that share the same card name of the Vanguard, ensuring a higher chance that attacks pull through!

Rising Phoenix

Rising Phoenix’s powerful ability to be called from the drop zone makes it an auto-inclusion in top Narukami players’ decks since its reveal in V-BT03.

Now aspiring players will be able to get their own playset in this exciting reprint!

Coral Assault

A great card overall for Aqua Force, Coral Assault’s significant Power increase and draw ability has seen this card included in multiple top Aqua Force players’ decks, alongside other powerful cards such as Tidal Assault.