On January 31st, Bushiroad will release the English edition of Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Booster 11: Crystal Melody. This booster features units from the ever-popular Bermuda Triangle clan, including new Riviere, Coral and Pacifica cards.

You can now list Crystal Melody sealed products for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.


Crystal Pop Star, Eve

Eve is a new Grade 4 idol introduced in this extra booster, and its flexible ability makes it highly splashable in different Bermuda Triangle decks.

With Crystal Pop Star, Eve’s first ability, you can Superior Call the top card of your deck as a rear-guard, helping you fill your field or find specific units. Also, its second ability lets you pressure your opponent by doubling the benefits of trigger effects.


Top Idol, Pacifica

A favorite in the decks of Premium Standard players, Pacifica is back to conquer Standard as well!

Depending on the number of “Pacifica” units in your rear-guard, multiple effects can be activated. Not only you can power up this unit and your own forces greatly, you can also mess with your opponent’s hand size by constraining the number of units they can call to their guardian circle.


Aurora Star, Coral

Coral is no stranger to Bermuda Triangle fans. Running multiple copies of Aurora Star, Coral is ideal—if you retrieve at least 1 “Coral” unit to your hand with this unit’s second ability, it gains 15,000 power. Plus, If you Soul Blast a total of 4 or more in a turn, all your “Coral” units will run with 2 critical!


Top Idol, Riviere

Riviere is another long-time favorite among fans of the Bermuda Triangle clan.

Much like Coral, Riviere gets better with multiple copies. At the cost of a counter-blast and discarding a card from your hand, you can use Top Idol, Riviere’s first skill to draw through your deck faster. Hopefully you draw another Riviere so you can ride it over your first copy for an additional attack!