We’re continuously working to open up new opportunities for your business to grow, and today we’re thrilled to announce the addition of a new Bulk Lots category on the TCGplayer Marketplace. Transform bulk cards that are collecting dust into extra revenue. Sell a full set with all the cards from Dominaria. Create a bundle that includes every Pikachu ever printed. Do whatever works best for your unique store.

Sell the Most Popular TCGs in Bulk

You can add Bulk Lots for multiple product lines and sell any size from dozens to thousands of cards.

Bulk Lots are currently available for the best-selling TCGs on the Marketplace:

You can also add Bulk Lots in any of the following sizes:

  • Full Set
  • Up to 50 Cards
  • 51-500 Cards
  • 501-1,000 Cards
  • Over 1,000 Cards

Reach New and Casual Players on the Marketplace

Bulk Lots are a great entry point for new players and a quick way for people to expand their collections. Adding Bulk Lots to the TCGplayer Marketplace will help you expand your customer base to include new players, casual players and anyone looking for gifts to give their favorite gamer.

Customize Listings with Your Own Photos, Title and Description

The new Bulk Lots category offers all the flexibility of Listings with Photos. You can add up to five images, a title and a description to show buyers exactly what they’re getting. Listings with Photos are 4x more likely to sell than standard marketplace listings, so the time it takes to photograph your products is well worth it. To list your Bulk Lots, follow the same steps you use when adding Listings with Photos.

Price Your Bulk Lots Based on Shipping Costs

It’s important to consider the shipping cost when pricing your Bulk Lots. Bulk Lots in sizes “Up to 50”, “51-500” and “Full Set” are considered Medium, while “501-1,000” and “Over 1,000” are considered Large. If you’re selling huge assortments, it’s unlikely that players will purchase more than one. However, if you’re selling a collection that includes larger items, you may want to increase the listing price to cover the added shipping cost.

Getting Started with Bulk Lots

If you have a TCGplayer Pro or Marketplace account with us, you can start adding Bulk Lots to TCGplayer.com. If you're using the Pricing tab, make sure to select "Bulk Lots" from the product line dropdown. Once you’ve had time to list your Bulk Lots, we’ll start promoting your listings to buyers in the community. As always, your feedback is welcome. Contact your Customer Success Manager or email sales@tcgplayer.com to discuss the feature and provide any feedback.

For more info, check out What You Can Sell Using Bulk Lots on TCGplayer.

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