Bushiroad will release Special Series Vol. 3 The End Zero on January 24th, bringing a shocking mechanic to Future Card Buddyfight Ace. Along with strong new monsters, the Time Dragon deck features a flag made of multiple cards that can even wade into battle and attack!

Check out the special preview cards below, and list The End Zero for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.



Godclock, the flag of this powerful deck, is actually made of four different cards. Each card has its own specific abilities that aid you in battle, whether by drawing cards, calling monsters from the drop zone, or ending battles in play.

You’ll flip over the cards to use their abilities. Once they’re all flipped, they transform into something incredible…


Perfected Deity of Eon, The Endruler Dragon

The “Reversal” form of Godclock, The Endruler Dragon can attack even if there’s monsters on the center. Along with Triple Attack, The Endruler Dragon comes equipped with an extremely powerful ability to stop time for your opponent and all of their cards.


Eon Reigning Deity, Time Ruler Dragon

Apart from the flag, the most important element of every deck is its buddy, and the Time Dragon deck is no exception. Meet Time Ruler Dragon. Capable of sending your opponent’s cards back to their deck, Time Ruler Dragon also keeps itself on the field by adding cards to its soul at the start of each turn.