On November 22nd, Bushiroad will release the new Future Card Buddyfight booster set, Soaring Superior Deity Dragon. Featuring cards from three different worlds, this booster pack will upgrade existing attributes, as well as establish new ones!

All singles from the booster set will be live for presale starting November 15th. Check out four of the featured monsters below, and be sure to list Soaring Superior Deity Dragon for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.

Gargantua Slash Wyvern

Gargantua Dragon is back with yet another new form: Gargantua Slash Wyvern. This time, Gargantua Slash Wyvern has a new ability called GBOOST-Will-, that lets you draw a card and add 5000 power to all of the cards on your field at the start of your attack phase.

Not only that, you can gain life and deal extra damage to your opponent after all your cards have finished attacking!

Thunder Deity, Voltic Ra

Magma Horus and Freeza Horus have a new friend. Now you can put both of them in the buddy zone along with Voltic Ra, the third member of the trio. Once you buddy call Voltic Ra to the field, you can buddy call Ice Deity, Freeza Horus at no cost.

In addition, with Voltic Ra on your center, the Double Buddy on your field can’t be destroyed, and all Dragod and King cards on your field get Penetrate along with increases to power and critical. With the power of all three Deities, you’re practically unstoppable.

Colonel Green Pepper

The new attribute from Danger World, Dangerous Veggies is here to ensure that everyone gets their three to five servings per day. Whether they want to or not.

Not only can you call another Dangerous Veggies monster from your drop zone during your turn, you can stand Colonel Green Pepper each and every time its attack destroys your opponent’s monster.

Projection Shell, ”Siegfried”

Say hello to a new attribute from Legend World, Messiah Arms! Designed to counter dragons, Messiah Arms cards have more offensive capabilities against cards with any of the “Dragon” attributes.

When Siegfried enters the field, you can retrieve an item with either “Balmung” or “Siegsabre” in its card name from your deck. As Siegfried is also part of the equip cost of Messiah Arms, Seigsabre, Siegfried gives you a great tool to use against cards with a “Dragon” attribute.


With new options for every kind of player, Soaring Superior Deity Dragon will be a sure hit with fans of Future Card Buddyfight. Give your players what they want by listing it for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.

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