On the same day as Collector’s Glory, Bushiroad will release its first ever Re: Collection series! Sealed products from Re: Collection Vol. 1 are now available to list for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.

Every high-rarity card in the series is fully frameless with a hot stamp finish, so players can enjoy the full majesty and impact of the card art. Plus, Re: Collection Vol. 1 features highly sought-after cards from old sets and elusive PR cards, making it an essential purchase for competitive players and collectors alike.

Check out three of these exciting cards below, and list Re: Collection Vol. 1 for presale today.

Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Aldo Athora

Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Aldo Athora

Aldo Athora makes a comeback in this set! This card was originally printed in a light blue color back in X-BT04, Rainbow Striker. Now, to pay homage to that set’s name, Aldo Athora will make its comeback in not just one, but six different colors.

Together with the original BR card from X-BT04, they become seven different colors: a veritable rainbow (striker).


Illusions Folktale, Echt Biblio

The SP version of this popular Folktale item is back in Re: Collection Vol. 1. Released back in S-UB02, this card has seen tournament play by top players ever since.

Any player hoping to enhance their Folktale deck or build a new deck around Folktales will want this card.


It's Superhero Time!!

It’s not just SPs and BRs that get special treatment—high rarity spell cards get to be full-art too!

Usable in almost all Hero World decks, It’s Superhero Time!! is undisputedly a must-have card for all current and aspiring Hero World players.