On January 24th, Bushiroad will release Booster Pack Vol. 7 Perfected Time Ruler for Future Card Buddyfight Ace. Featuring new versions of classic monsters, Perfected Time Ruler will help players power up The End Zero, the new special series deck releasing on the same day.

You can now list Perfected Time Ruler sealed products for presale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.


Deity of Eon, Time Ruler Dragon

Just like its alternate version in The End Zero, Deity of Eon is capable of sending an opponent’s card back to their deck. Plus, it can also keep itself on the field by adding cards to its soul at the start of each turn.


Deity of Knowledge and Hope, Godcross Astrologia

Cross Astrologia is back to dazzle players with its brilliance as a new Dragod! If you can maintain a full field, all of your cards get a host of benefits, ranging from Counterattack and increases in defense to immunity from resting card effects and increases in critical.

Godcross Astrologia is usable with any flag, so every Buddyfight player will want to consider it for their next deck.


Deity of Enthusiasm and Bonds, Godagito

Cross Astrologia isn’t the only monster rising to Dragod status. Agito returns in Perfected Time Ruler as Godagito! When Godagito is on your center, it gets all the D abilities of cards in its soul, on top of Penetrate and Triple Attack.

Just like Godcross Astrologia, Godagito can go in any deck, so it will be in high demand.