We’re making history together with TCGplayer’s biggest promotion ever! This year we’ll be offering buyers our largest kickback in history to help drive massive sales to you and bring you thousands of new customers!

As part of this promotion, we’ll also be running a large advertising campaign, including putting your products in front of millions of buyers on Google—at no cost to you!

Free Inventory and Pricing Tools

To help you take full advantage of this promotion, here are some tools you can use to quickly add and price your inventory.

New! Scan to Sell with the TCGplayer App

Connect to your seller account using the TCGplayer App, then take photos of your Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon card singles to list them instantly. With our $50 commission cap, you can earn more for your high-value cards.

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Import Your Inventory via CSV

If you’re a Level 4 Seller, you can easily import and export your pricing data within the Pricing tab of your Seller Portal. This makes it quick and simple to mass update your prices and quantities.

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Mass Update Based on Market Price

Level 4 Sellers can update prices for a large amount of cards simultaneously using the Marketplace Pricing Tool in the Pricing tab.

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Pro-Exclusive Tools for Local Game Stores

If you’re part of TCGplayer Pro, you can access exclusive services for local game stores in addition to all of the inventory and pricing tools available to marketplace sellers.

Scan Mass Quantities with Quicklist

Our card scanning software lets you update your inventory simply by scanning cards.

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Batch Update Prices with MassPrice

Quickly mass update your in-store and online prices. You write the rules that work best for your business, then run those rules whenever you want to instantly adjust your prices.

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Manage In-Store and Online Prices Independently with Channel Management

Optimize your marketplace prices for this promotion without altering your in-store prices. You can even exclude product lines from individual channels in case you want to sell certain items in-store only and others online only.

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Talk with Your Customer Success Manager Today

Need customized support and advice on getting ready and taking full advantage of our biggest promotion ever? Contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at prosupport@tcgplayer.com today. Our team will be happy to work with you to help you get the most out of this promotion.