First released at Gen Con earlier this month, Argent Saga by Alter Reality Games is already the sixth best-selling game on the TCGplayer Marketplace. To keep up with the demand, and to fix some printing issues, ARG is printing a second run of Booster Set 1: Betrayal. Betrayal 2.0 will be released on August 27th.

Same Cards, Better Quality

Betrayal 2.0 booster displays will feature the same contents as the first print run—except the foils will be sharper than ever. This print run will provide an enhanced player experience in terms of coalition, blooming and foil readability. Plus, going forward, all Argent Saga foils will feature the same high-quality treatment as Betrayal 2.0.

How to Identify Betrayal 2.0

Booster displays of the new printing will be marked by a Betrayal 2.0 sticker.

On, we’ve updated the printing of all currently available Betrayal foils to 1st Wave Foil. Please enter Betrayal 2.0 foils simply as Foil to reflect Argent Saga’s new foiling standards.

We have also updated the booster pack listing for Betrayal to indicate that buyers may receive either a 1st Wave booster pack or a 2.0 booster pack, as the packaging is indistinguishable.

Contact our team with any questions or concerns, and join Argent Saga for the First Inaugural Championship in Indianapolis from September 14th to 15th!

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