Spin Master is rebooting their popular Bakugan toy franchise, along with an all-new Bakugan trading card game. To help you serve the Bakugan fans in your community, sealed products and card singles are now available to list on TCGplayer.com.

Marbles for Modern Audiences

The Bakugan toy franchise centers around transforming Bakugan toys with magnetic components. All Bakugan can be folded into a sphere and rolled like a marble. When the Bakugan rolls over metal, it springs open revealing a fantastic creature. With over 100 new character toys for players to collect and trade, Bakugan: Battle Planet is sure to excite returning fans of the franchise.

Exciting Hybrid Gameplay

Bakugan: Battle Planet is more than a toy line—it’s a TCG that combines traditional deckbuilding and strategy with manual dexterity. Players assemble a team of three Bakugan and a deck of 40 cards. Each turn, both players roll their Bakugan into a grid of metal hexagons called BakuCores, aiming for whichever BakuCore will help their strategy. If both Bakugan spring open by hitting a BakuCore, they brawl! Players then power up their Bakugan further with cards, and the loser takes damage by discarding cards from the top of their deck.

A New Age of Bakugan Brawls

The first line of Bakugan was the The Toy Association’s 2009 Toy of the Year, and Spin Master is using their experience over the last ten years to make Bakugan: Battle Planet an even greater success. They’ve already held the 1st Annual Bakugan Invitational Championship with popular YouTubers and launched an animated series on Cartoon Network. A new generation of kids is eager to Bakugan Brawl—put the power in their hands by listing Bakugan today on TCGplayer.com.


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