Since its release just over a month ago, Argent Saga has become the sixth biggest game on TCGplayer, and it’s already entered a second printing to match high demand. Now you can keep up with its breakneck selling pace by digitizing your inventory with Quicklist’s fast, accurate card scanning—now available for Argent Saga!

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of cards, Quicklist makes it easy to rapidly grow your store’s reach, and with Argent Saga available, now is the perfect time to see how taking your inventory online can boost your sales. Select "Update Quicklist Software" under the Updates tab in your Quicklist app to start digitizing Argent Saga.

Don't have Quicklist yet? If you’re already part of TCGplayer Pro, you can download the free software now to begin creating digital card listings and making your inventory more accessible to a wider pool of players.

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