Our goal is to support your store and boost your sales. One way we do that is by offering buyer promotions on TCGplayer.com that increase your order quantity and value. As we mentioned in September, we’re now going to begin offering buyer promos that include all products. This Friday, October 25th, we’re offering our first ever buyer promotion where everything on TCGplayer.com is included—even sealed!

Boosting Sales for Your Store

Past promotions have increased your sales, but they’ve only been available on singles. Now we want to help you sell even more sealed products and supplies by including those in buyer promotions as well. That means booster boxes, packs, decks, card sleeves, deck boxes, storage albums and much more. 

Expanding Your Customer Base

Adding sealed products and supplies to our sitewide bonus bucks promotions will attract even more buyers to your listings. In fact, we already started teasing this promotion to customers to generate excitement in anticipation.

List Your Sealed Inventory Now

Get ready to sell even more on TCGplayer.com by listing your sealed products. Plus, if you’re part of TCGplayer Pro, your Channel Management tools allow you to add a separate price and reserve quantity for your My Store channel. That way you always have the right sealed products in stock for your in-store customers while maximizing your online sales.

If you already have sealed Magic: The Gathering products listed, consider reassessing your prices in light of the recent announcement about the Pioneer format.


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